The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

– J.P. Morgan                       

This is my story…

I thought I was living the dream. I was married, had two children, a lovely home and a golden retriever. My default path was comfortable and terribly unfulfilling.

Quality relationships and deep connections were not part of my world. I didn’t know how to do them. I didn’t know how to BE the person who had them.

One evening in November 2008 I received my Wake the F~ Up moment. I found out my best friend was having an affair with my husband. My marriage was over and the two people I loved and trusted the most were gone.

The moment I realized that I was 100% responsible  for my messed up life, everything began to change. It took time, tears, therapy, and an MA in Spiritual Psychology. But I actually began to wake up.

I learned how to reclaim my power, how to reclaim my SELF and how to get what I most wanted.

Today my life looks very different. I am 40 something, divorced and happily in EPIC love with the man of my dreams. My life is messy and juicy. I am willing to risk falling down in order to fly.

My #1 nugget of wisdom:  Life does not happen TO you.  Life happens FOR you!

Are you ready to wake up, get off your default path and do something different to get what you want? Are you ready to achieve Epic Love?   The choice is yours.




Wendy Sue Costa, M.A.,
Epic Love Coach