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Do you NEED a coach?


It’s time to ask a different question….


 “What would be possible for you

if you had one?”



Are you a Powerful Women

Ready to Achieve Your Epic Romantic Partnership?



You have done the work.  You have created an amazing life yourself.  You’ve hit the marks.

But…….there is one thing missing.  Romantic Love and Partnership.

You hear it over and over again,  “You are a catch.  A man would be so lucky to be loved by you.”

WELL………..Where is he?  Why has this eluded you for so long?

You are smart enough to know that there is no magical formula.  Your story is as unique as you are.  Everything you have experienced has led you to THIS place.

You are ready.

Are you willing to do something about it?  Are you willing to take a leap of faith with me and, together, dive into your heart’s desires and unravel whatever is getting in the way?

If your answer is “YES, YES and YES!” email me directly so we can connect and see if working together Privately One-to-one or if joining my Women’s Coaching Circle’s will serve you.

Women’s Coaching Circle
6 Women walking together on a sacred 6 month journey toward Epic Love
(2) group video conference calls per month
(1) One-to-One Private coaching call per month
(1) guest expert “candid conversation” video conference per month (join live or view the exclusive recording at your convenience)
(6) Epic Love Processes
Unlimited access to Find True Love Faster dating bootcamp eCourse ($297 value)

personal investment: $1,998
or $333 per month via PayPal


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A highly custom Private Coaching program from start to finish; collaboratively designed specifically to support you in taking that next BIG LEAP.

I am your trusted advisor. The opposite of a “yes-man”. I am fiercely candid and unwaveringly loyal.

You are the expert of your own life and it is up to you to find your own truth.

I am an expert at slowing down and asking tough questions. I am the excavator or your heart’s desires and dreams. I am an expert at seeing the subtle yet significant ways you have given up your power………and we work together to reclaim it so you can get what you want most.

Straight shooting

no Nonsense Advice &

 a Kick-Ass Dating Bootcamp



I am so excited to be one of 100 Waterbearers who will bring 1,000,000 people clean water in 30 days!  I jumped at the opportunity to be part of changing the world for the better.  The heavy lifting is done.  The infrastructure is complete.  All we need to do is raise $50 for each filter.

The Waterbearers project is designed TO INSPIRE WOMEN WHO HAVE ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER – TO GET IT TO THOSE WHO DO NOT!  We seek 100 Women to create and lead a fundraising campaign. Each campaign has a Goal of 100 Water Filters donated. Each filter serves 100 people for a total of One Million people reached with clean water.   JOIN MY TEAM and be a part of something that will forever change the world for 1,000,000 people.

For complete details click here:  The Water Bearers

water goddess

I’m Dreaming and Scheming…..more info soon!